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About Center 42
Our mission and values

Center42, Ukraine's first innovation agency, is focused on being a key partner for corporate innovation and startup ecosystem development projects in Ukraine and CEE.

Center42 helps organizations to define their innovation strategy and implement internal and external innovation projects, work with startups, transform their teams and launch new business products.

The company was formed in 2018, but members of Center42 team have been developing ecosystem projects in Ukraine for more than 5 years. Among the team members are people from the UNIT.City (Ukraine's first innovation park), from venture capital fund, organizers of more than 20 ecosystem projects, supported by more than 100 partners from Ukraine and globally.

We are also a great partner for EU programs and calls in the area of startup & SME ecosystem development in Eastern Europe.

CEO & Founder at Center42
Corporate innovations have become trendlines globally: US and EU corporations create their own funds, invest in startups, launch joint pilot projects and new business products with startups.

Organizations around the world form their own innovative agenda, launch internal transformations, seek out for external innovation and create innovative projects.

In Ukraine, the corporate innovation industry is at an early stage of its development, and we want to accelerate the growth of this market.

The expertise of the Center42 Innovation Agency is all about finding startups, finding new business products, organizing startup projects and competitions, boosting innovative employer brand and corporate brand of our partners.

Let's work together!
The history of our team.
Individual projects:
First initiatives were launched for Ukrainian Startup Ecosystem by Kirill Mazur (the founder)
– Tech Entrepreneurs Research (with Forbes Ukraine).
– Top investors and startup ecosystem players in Ukraine (2015, 2017).

Some first project you can find here:
Team formation:
20+ ecosystem projects implemented as part of UNIT.City team, the first Ukrainian innovation district
We are proud to be part of such amazing UNIT.City team who creates the new history of Ukrainian innovations.

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Company establishment:
First projects were launched under new brand and in a partnership with UNIT.City
We have grown up from the ecosystem team of UNIT.City and became an independent player of Ukrainian Corporate Innovation scene. Together we can do a lot more!

Cooperate with us:

Time for next big challenges
Let's work together!
to help Ukraine reach top 20 rankings of World's most innovative economies in Global Innovation Index (by World Economic Forum).