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ACHIEVERS HUB engages experienced mentors with an extensive expertise in different areas of game development who provide feedback, advice and consultancy to our residents. We also help our teams build a pitch, advise and guide them on fundraising, negotiations with publishers, contract signing, effective preparation for the events etc. Come and check it yourself for free!
Offer: One free month of subscription to ACHIEVERS HUB services (package Light or Optimal).

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Super Developers
Get a free user acquisition budget worth $200 from
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Offer: A free user acquisition budget worth $200.

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PlayToMax is a leading developer of playable ads for mobile games.
With over 3 years of experience, company has succeeded in building a strong expertise in the best performing UA tools.
PlayToMax offers fast full cycle development and provides customization tools which allow creating several creatives from one playable.
Boost your UA campaign with the best performing playables from PlayToMax
Offer: 15% discount for cost of playable ad development from PlayToMax

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Games Gathering
Games Gathering Conference 2020 Odessa is the opportunity to combine business with pleasure :) You can, not only have time to sunbathe and dance at beach parties on the Black Sea shore, but also spend time for the benefit of yourself and your business.
Offer: 10% discount for the conference

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The biggest game development conference in Eastern Europe GIC is back on October 8-11, 2020!
Join us in Poznan, Poland with 50% discount using the promo-code GIClovesGoingHyper
Offer: 50% discount

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Global Games Pitch
Get ready to fight for an investor or publisher for your game project! 16-17 November Global Games Pitch invites indie teams to participate in the second season of this year's most international pitching project. Assistance from mentors, experts, training materials, video meetings and valuable gifts. Get the most crucial pitching skills and pump up your project. The number of seats is limited, register your participation now.
Offer: 10% discount

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Become part of a closed club of game developers, communicate without borders with industry experts and leaders of top companies. Exclusive content, meetings and interest groups from all sides of the gaming industry. Become one of the first discoverers of GDBAY.Network with the 10% discount promo-code GOINGHYPER10.
Offer: 10% discount

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ACHIEVERS HUB is a meeting point for indie teams, investors, publishers and mentors where they can share knowledge, resources, connections and successfully collaborate on new amazing projects.
Center42 Innovation Agency is focused on being a key partner for corporate innovation projects in Ukraine and CEE and everything related to startups, innovation, technologies and entrepreneurship.
Hyper Casual Game Jam, 2020