Підпишись на дайджест інновацій від Center42
Hi, it's Kirill Mazur
This is my personal blog and business page

Hi, my name is Kirill Mazur.

I am:
  • CEO & Founder at Center42 Innovation Agency;
  • former executive at UNIT.City Innovation Park and IG VC ($11 mln. VC fund);
  • deeply interested in tech, innovation and things that move us to progress and make real impact.
I have created this site (and blog) to gather all info about my career, projects and things that inspire me.

Interested to cooperate?
Ping me here: km@center42.tech
Who I am
Startup ecosystem activist with venture investments background
  • 30+ projects with 100+ partners
  • >50 mln. media rich
  • $11 mln. invested in 40+ deals
  • $100 mln. in created impact for the last 5 years
Team leader and founder with startup mindset
I was responsible for launching and growth of:
  • the ecosystem of UNIT.City – one of the biggest innovation district in Europe;
  • Center42 – Ukraine's one of the first innovation agencies;
  • IG.VC – $11 mln. venture investment funds, who became one of the most active in Ukraine in 2015-2016.
Impact entrepreneur looking for my next big project
As well as traveler, speaker, yoga lover, salsa dancer and more! 🖖😇🥳
Let's drive and make impact.
Brands and partners
Some of featured brands and organizations I have worked with for the last 10 years
Celebrating 10 years of career and launching
new projects and businesses
Let's launch THE NEXT BIG THING together
10+ years of experience
in innovation, tech, business, startup ecosystem development
Product mindset, investments background, human-centered approach
$11 mln. in 40+ deals as partner of one of the most active VC funds in Ukraine
Launching new ventures from scratch is my lovely challenge
10+ big projects, startups and digital businesses launched from zero to one
Huge impact projects are my passion
$100 mln. in created impact for the last 5 years.
How we can cooperate
Invite me as a speaker
I am always happy to share some stories and insights on corporate innovation, startup investments, future of technologies, design thinking, service design and more!
Invite me to launch your next big project
I am open to cooperation and launching new big good things that create a powerful impact on the city, economy and society.
Startup Investment Consulting
I would happy to share my investment experience to get feedback on your startup from the investors' side; to define your company's valuation; to build a fundraising strategy for attracting new smart investors; or just to get an investment consultation.
Product Innovation Consulting
Launch new products and services with Center42 Innovation Agency.

– Test innovative hypothesis before new product launch, new audience discovery or potential change of the product.

– Build the culture and mindset of innovation inside your organization.

– Attract best talents, launch special startup programs or just promote the current innovativeness of your organization.
Let's cooperate
Email: km@center42.tech
Web: kirillmazur.com

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