Tech events
and startup programs
Center42 is a key ecosystem partner for dozens of events related to startups, technology and innovations in Ukraine.
  • Deep understanding of the local innovation industry.
  • Access a list of proven experts and speakers.
  • Vast network of ecosystem partners (funds, co-working spaces, innovation parks, associations, etc.).
  • Promo power of our newsletters and databases.
  • Warm contacts with respected media and opinion leaders.
  • Our cross-industry expertise and approach.
  • Wonderful portfolio of done projects.
What we bring to any tech event we co-organize
Delegate us to form the concept of the event, its agenda, speakers, and other details in a way that satisfy and benefit all stakeholders.
We could help your organization to prototype ideas into concepts of new products and solutions.
We help foreign investors and tech companies to explore Ukraine's tech ecosystem and its R&D opportunities. Contact us for details.
Tech Conferences
Soft landing tours
What we do and where we could help
We find inspiration in helping companies to seek innovation and grow startup ecosystem through powerful educational events.
Startup events
HealthTech Innovation Day for Bayer and G4A
42 Investment Summit: SaaS Universe
GOING HYPER 2019: First-ever Hyper Casual Game Jam in Ukraine
Recent events
Why work with Center42?
5 years of experience, 10 000+ scouted startups
Center42 is a committed team with a powerful innovation DNA
Proved by international partners and clients
Well-known international companies rely on our skillset and experience.
10+ big researches annually
We stay up-to-date with innovation and regularly conduct a series of industry researches in very verticals.
Vast network of 50+ ecosystem partners
We can help you with almost any challenge related to innovation, startups, new technologies.
Industry agnostic approach
70% of innovation comes on the intersection of related industries. Thus, we target any vertical with cross-industry focus.

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