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Hackathons 2.0
and creathons
Breathe creativity and innovativeness into your company and prototype products in just 2 days
What is a hackathon?
It's a special event where a group of employees (or selected people interested in the topic of the challenge) get together in teams to create concepts and prototypes of new products or services in a topic set by hackathon organizers.

Participants can represent various departments of your company, as well as they can be external people (students, developers, experts, representatives of selected industry or target audience).

While working in small groups the teams are turning ideas into proven product or service concepts (or even prototype). Ideally, these concepts should develop economic justification for company's business leaders and have clients' real feedback.
Why host hackathons?
innovative culture and creativity
To develop team's
new products and services
To ideate
ideas into well-developed concepts
To turn
new ideas for solving company's challenges
To generate
Did you know that 50% of business leaders say internal employees are the most important external and internal partners for innovation at their organization...
... and only 35% rely on customers via focus groups*

*according to PwC's Innovation Benchmark
It's a creative hackathon. Like a hackathon, only better!
And we are more than experienced in organizing them.
What is a creathon?
Some of our lovely clients in hackathons
What to expect?
Prototypes of new products and solutions for business
The teams will be using available resources, their understanding of the market, and their experience of working with the customers to develop and test a whole set of innovative concepts that will be used further.
Creative thinking and innovative mindset growth
The teams will get a chance to look at the company, a common work task, or their industry from a completely different angle just by considering it outside the usual operational process.
Team inspiration and employer brand growth
Employees will be able to get involved in the creation of innovative solutions for the company while future applicants will be inspired by your unique approach to business.
Why work with Center42?
5 years of experience, 10 000+ scouted startups
Center42 is a committed team with a powerful innovation DNA
Proved by international partners and clients
Well-known international companies rely on our skillset and experience.
10+ big researches annually
We stay up-to-date with innovation and regularly conduct a series of industry researches in very verticals.
Vast network of 50+ ecosystem partners
We can help you with almost any challenge related to innovation, startups, new technologies.
Industry agnostic approach
70% of innovation comes on the intersection of related industries. Thus, we target any vertical with cross-industry focus.

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