This is the archive of the project powered by our team members while working at UNIT.City team in 2018

Game Development in Ukraine:
Key industry players 2018
List of companies proudly gathered by ACHIEVERS HUB and UNIT.City

In partnership with Lenovo Ukraine.
GameDev First Indusrty Guide presentation. June 2018.
6 months ago, a booming growth of Ukrainian gaming and game development industries inspired UNIT.City and Achievers Hub to create the first ever guide about the game development industry of Ukraine.

That review showed the potential of the Ukrainian game development to foreign partners and gave our entrepreneurs an additional tool to attract investors' attention.

Today (in a partnership with Lenovo Ukraine) we introduce you a new catalogue and a market map of Ukrainian gamedev industry with more than 100 companies (35+ new ones!) and key industry leaders in one place.




Ukrainian GameDev companies in numbers
100 GameDev

More than 100 GameDev companies actively work on the market
75% of HQ are based in Ukraine

75% of all Head Offices of companies are located in Ukraine
3 huge companies

Companies with amount of employees more than 500
20 000+ employees

Total estimated amount of people engaged in Game Development industry of Ukraine
~800 mln. players
The total audience of games created
by Ukrainian game development companies (in total)
Interactive catalogue of GameDev companies
Research the whole market with a few clicks
Scroll left to see the whole catalog or use desktop version
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