SaaS in Ukraine 2019:
industry guide

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Why SaaS and why we decided to do this study?
In Ukraine, companies with SaaS (subscription) business model have one of the fastest growth. And such companies are most interested for global investors and customers because they can sell globally but place R&D in Ukraine. Grammarly is a really great Ukrainian example of SaaS company.

Gartner predicts that this year the global SaaS market will expand to $95 billion and will have 20% annual growth in the next few years.

So we are happy to present the first of its kind research of the research of Ukrainian SaaS companies, which was created by combined efforts of SaaS Nation, UNIT.City Innovation Park and Center42 Innovation Agency teams.
We want to express our gratitude to supporting partner companies that actively encourage the development of the SaaS market in Ukraine: general partner - SpinBackup company, silver partners - Reply, YouScan and Digital Future.
General partner
Spinbackup, a San Francisco cloud data protection company with R&D in Ukraine and Poland, that was founded in 2016. We help organizations to safely store and manage corporate data in the G Suite or Office 365 cloud, protecting them from loss and leakage. Spinbackup is currently used by over 3,000 organizations throughout the world.

Digital Future is a Ukraine-born VC firm that invests at seed and pre-seed stages in revenue-enabled companies with traction in the developed markets, scalable business model, unstoppable team and global ambitions. The fund is generally industry agnostic and does not limit its focus to a particular operational model, but it used to prefer B2B SaaS solutions.
YouScan is the first and leading social media monitoring and analytics system in Ukraine and the CIS. We help companies to improve by listening to their customers.
Reply is an AI-backed sales acceleration platform, which automates personal email outreach at scale. Whether it's inbound leads, outbound prospects, new product sign-ups or existing customers - Reply puts your email outreach on autopilot while keeping it 100% personal. Emails are sent directly from your business email account and look 100% manually typed; they always end up in the Primary folder. Reply connects to Gmail or any other email provider via SMTP/IMAP.

Ukrainian SaaS industry in numbers
of Ukraine's SaaS companies operate in B2B segment

booming year in number of new SaaS businesses
of Ukraine's SaaS companies are based in Kyiv
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Also, find the catalogue of SaaS companies, created by SaaS Nation
Іs an independent impact-oriented company which together with corporate partners and international organizations implements projects for Ukrainian startup ecosystem and help organizations to educate their teams, launch new products, work with startups and innovators.

Is Ukraine's first innovation park. It is the location where matchless infrastructure and all-inclusive ecosystem enable high technology, innovative and creative businesses to happen and flourish.
The first in Ukraine conference for SaaS-business. We are developing the SaaS Nation community for product companies in Ukraine and the CIS, becoming a unique platform for networking, sharing experience and useful ideas, together with meeting potential partners and clients.