*Proclaimed in 1985.**
Essential in 2020.
Vital for digital economy.
**written by Peter Drucker in "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" (1985)
Center42 is a boutique innovation agency that helps corporations, investors, and entrepreneurs to work with startups, discover and launch new digital products and business models on the edge of digital transformation.

We are the group of digital entrepreneurs, former startup investors, tech geeks and analysts designed to unlock the innovation and take your venture ideas to the next level.
Our expertise
ecosystem, digital and consulting projects launched by our team members
consultations delivered for startups, corporations and digital businesses
$11 mln.
in 40 startups – the real investment experience of our team members
10 000
startups have been scouted and analyzed for the last 5 years

What we can do
We help companies and organizations to discover their hidden digital potential – to define a strategy for launching new digital products, business models, digital transformation projects.

We focus on initiatives that could help the company to enter new market niches, to increase efficiency, client service, revenue, etc.
We support companies and organizations in the process of ideation, creation, launching of new digital products, business models, digital transformation projects.

Our team will help to define the digital product, define its launching strategy, and required resources for tech development. We help to attract, choose and control the best tech providers during the development process until the launch, and further.
If you are a corporation looking for an open innovation – we will help you to find solutions to solve existing business challenges or disrupt the market.

Whether you are a startup accelerator or investment fund – we will provide the best startups relevant to your investment criteria.

If you target startups as your potential customers – we will help you to create a prospect list with the best targets.
Other services
Center42 is an impact-oriented company with a team that has launched more than 30 ecosystem projects, start-ups, innovative research for the Ukrainian ecosystem and has invested over 40 start-up teams in the last 5 years.
We organize dozens of projects to boost the startup ecosystem of Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Our focus is on growing the competitiveness of the economy through innovation. Therefore we conduct international startup conferences, investor events, educational programs, etc.
Trusted by leading innovators.

Feel the power of community in every our project.
We are proud to build a powerful network of great experts and partners who help us to make every our project the best we can
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